12Petals Media Group strives to be a union of creators and social entrepreneurs of media and visual arts working together to promote and encourage respect for those rights protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and endeavors to enhance the Declaration's impact on all people and cultures. Our media projects offer unique and socially penetrating ways to view the world around us.

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Culture of Human Rights Short Film Production
We've produced and submitted the first production as part of 12Petals Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities Advocacy Production Series


Cultural Heritage and Human Rights Emblem

Cultural heritages can assert that modern universal concepts and principles of human rights belong to everyone

The 12Petals Media Group has created an emblem to help promote and cultivate a culture of human rights and responsibilities. The emblem signifies ongoing efforts for the recognition of human rights and the prevalence of a culture of tolerance everywhere. Click here for more info >>


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Welcoming Philanthropists and Social Capital Venture Investment

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